Send BuddyPress 2.5+ Welcome Email After Activation

by | Oct 12, 2018 | WordPress Tweaks

BuddyPress 2.5 introduced a fantastic email admin panel in which you may easily customize, edit or add new BuddyPress emails. Each email is automatically sent out when triggered by a given Situation, such as “Recipient was mentioned in an activity update” or “A member has requested permission to join a group.”

The BuddyPress situation called “Recipient has registered for an account” is triggered right after a new user registers for a BuddyPress account. However, this email contains instructions for a new user on how to activate their account and contains a link to the activation page. In many cases, it would be nice to then send a post-activation “Welcome” email that would provide new users with special instructions on how to use their account. However, BuddyPress does not provide any trigger that will send an email after successful account activation.

Thankfully, BuddyPress has good instructions on how to add a custom situations that will trigger the sending of custom emails. So we have created a small plugin that adds a new situation called “Recipient has successfully activated an account”. so that BuddyPress can now send out a post-activation Welcome email to new users!

We have posted the resulting plugin on GitHub. Feel free to take it for a spin, fork it if you like, and leave a comment with any feedback or ideas for improvements!


  1. Jeff Pierce

    I love this little plugin! Thanks so much for creating it!

    Would it be possible to create a similar plugin or add to this one that sends and email when the user gets deleted?


  2. Sunny

    Please what is the name of this plugin?

  3. Lukas

    I’ve been searching so long for a Solution like this! Here i am … YOU save my day! Cheers! 🙂

  4. Cordial

    I have 37 plugins on my website. And I’m told that this is a danger because it can slow down my website.

    So I was wondering if it could be possible for me to get the raw Code of this plugin so that I could just enter it into bp-custom.php?


    • Robert Staddon

      The raw code is available on GitHub at

      The speed actually won’t be different between having it in bp-custom.php or in a separate plugin. It affects WordPress the same either way. Plugins slow down your website based on what they are doing and how well they are coded to do it. So thirty well-coded light-weight plugins would slow down a site less than one poorly-coded bloated one.

      • Cordial

        I got to discover that BuddyPress 8.0 already came bundled with the Welcome Email.

        What’s missing is that it doesn’t let us have a Password Token, so we can’t send Password to the Registered User in the Welcome Email.

        Do you know of any way to achieve this?

        Special Regards


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