Spectra Red Light

by | Jul 17, 2023 | Portfolio

Spectra offers industry-leading Red Light Therapy Beds (RLT). This red and near-infrared light therapy is beneficial for skin, injuries, pain, and relaxing muscles and joints.

Their team approached Abundant Designs about creating a website that would explain the benefits of Red Light Therapy and present the powerful and unique features of its product line.

Developing the Site

Performance. Energy. Success. These words guided the look and feel of the site. For obvious reasons the color red became the basis for the color scheme. High-contrast and dark backgrounds played into the premium feel of the design; strong font choices with diagonal lines infused the site with energy. Not to mention perfectly placed parallax image backgrounds and video backgrounds.

Functioning beautifully as a brochure site, this project is complete with a language toggle feature. Is Spanish your first language? Simply tap “USA (Español)” and the information is that much more accessible.

Be sure to check out this engaging site design and let the bold visuals inspire you.