Essential Element Carpet Cleaning

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Portfolio

With 12 years of experience as a carpet and floor cleaner, Brett Kelley is a master of his trade. Regardless of the issue or floor surface, he’s got a way to clean it. His customers love his work and trust him to do a great job. However, after relocating from FL to Fort Worth, TX, he no longer had his loyal customers or word of mouth to let people know about his services.

He needed a landing page that would list his services, highlight the positive reviews from his many satisfied customers, make it easy to get a quote, and point viewers to his social media.

Starting with a Beautiful Template

Elegant Themes provided a perfect site template for the content Brett needed on his site. While it looked good, it needed some major customizations to integrate his content, branding colors and appropriate imagery. The result is a personalized, professional, and mobile-friendly online presence for his business.

Social Media Integration

Finally, the site incorporates live-updating features for his Google and Facebook reviews, his Instagram feed, and his YouTube channel.

This modern, functional brochure site is consistant with his branding, promotes his work, and facilitates potential clients who want to get a quote. A company that provides freshness and cleanness is now equipped with a fresh, clean website.

A professionally crafted website can be instrumental in giving a positive impression and helping a business to put their best foot forward.